Issue with groove agent SE5 panning to the right

so my groove agent has, for some reason, decided that it’s going to pan 60% to the right…

here’s a video of the issue, without sound, but you can see what’s happening GA SE5 pan issue

the samples play through the agent output correctly as you can see in the video linked but if i open the kits output page you can see that the signal is panned 60% to the right and the only way to get a proper stereo signal is to pan either the individual samples, the agent output or the kit outputs 60% to the left…

At first i thought i’d changed a setting somewhere or was using panned samples but eventually narrowed it down to something going wrong between the agent and kit outputs…

it’s a relatively new issue that as far as i remember occurred after i installed cubase pro 11.04 and then unisntalled and re-installed 11.03 as 11.04 won’t run on high sierra

anyone else had any similar issue or know of a fix?

Thanks in advance

No idea. I can’t reproduce this on Cubase Pro 11.0.41 with Groove Agent SE 5.0.40 on Win 10.
Maybe check to see if you haven’t done this through an Automation parameter for Panning.

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thanks for the reply…that was one of the first things i checked and it’s definitely an issue within Groove agent itself which is why the agent output is showing and sounding right but the kit output is outputting a panned signal

just checked the automation pages again and it’s definitely not that

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Hi, my Groove agent 5 se is doing the same as this now. Did you find a solution? I’m using Cubase 12.0.02.

The release notest for v5.1.10 say that this issue has been fixed now.

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