Issue with importing midi files in Cubase 7

Our drummer is programming some midi files in a preprod phase now, and i have earlier been able to just drag and drop the midi file into my own Cubase 7 with superior drummer, and everything has worked just fine.
Now however, seemingly out of the blue, i am no longer able to drag and drop midi files into Cubase. I have my guitar tracks, i insert the superior drummer vst instrument, i get the new tracks, but i’m not able to drag the new midi file in there.
I have even gone back to a previous song, deleted the midi file there, and tried to import the same midi file that was there… no luck:(
have i pressed something wrong, i’m i just having a major brainfart, or has something been changed?

any help greatly appreciated.

Aloha S,

MIDI import got ‘wonky’ with the .06 update.
This may (or may not) be the source of your prob as well.

Here is one thread on it. Seems Steiny IS aware of the issue.