Issue with installation

Hello. I have the very same issue with Cubase 12/13 while installing.
I’m on a new M2 Mac, Ventura, I have no idea what this could mean

The error message is telling you that the file permissions for the files in /Users/manuelalapuca/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX are such that Steinberg Library Manager cannot read them, and thus it can’t register the downloaded content.

Try selecting the Steinberg folder inside Downloads in the Finder, then type Command-I to show the Get Info window. At the bottom of the panel that appears, see the Sharing & Permissions section, and make sure that everyone is set to Read & Write, then click the little button with the three dots inside a circle and choose Apply to enclosed items to make all files and folders inside that folder read/write for all users.

Then try installing the content again and see if it works as expected.