Issue with Integra-7 VST Editor in Cubase

I have a strange issue with the Integra-7 vst editor in cubase 8 (windows 10)
After I set up I can assign the integra usb asio. Integra (and integra-ctl) appears in my devices list.
I can also send midi through integra usb, I can playback midi to the Integra and record the audio on an audio track (with Integra IN) - seems to be working fine. I can also launch a 3rd party windows Integra editor and that works great!
Strange thing is that I don’t see the vst in the list of vst instruments so I can’t create an instrument track and start the integra vst editor! Since the device appears to be working as a regular interface I am working round this by using the 3rd party editor but it is very disconcerting that the roland vst editor does not show up.
Has anyone seen this kind of behavior?
In the old vst2 days I would look for the .dll and make sure it is copied to the plugins directory but with vst3 I am a bit lost :frowning:

Anyway, appreciate any help here.


Isn’t the plug-in black-listed by Cubase?