Issue with layouts dropdown with secondary monitor

I don’t believe this issue has been reported before.

Only on a second monitor, the layout dropdown list does not display.
If I move the Dorico window to the main monitor, it is displayed again.
No problem with Dorico 3.5

My config :
Dorico 4.0.10
Windows 11
Main monitor : 2560 x 1600 (scaled 150 %)
Secondary monitor : 1680 x 1050 (scaled 100%)

issue drop down


I use two monitors and am not getting the same issue myself.

My config :
Dorico 4.0.10
Windows 10
Both monitors 1920 x 1080 (scaled 100%)

That’s an unusual looking resolution on your secondary monitor. Could that be the issue?

Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me: the Qt framework is full of all sorts of infelicities when it comes to the use of multiple displays. We’ll see whether or not we can reproduce this at will on our multi-display Windows setups when we get a chance.

I’ve just made some additional tests :
Its’ indeed quite odd.

if I set the main manitor sclale to 100% or 125 %, the dropdown displays correctly to my second monitor.
But, if I set 150 %, the problem is back to the second monitor.

if I scale the second monitor to 150% or 125%, no problem anymore.

My conclusion is that the problem occurs when there is a big difference in the scaling of the 2 monitors.

That certainly sounds consistent with the sorts of issues we have experienced with Qt’s multi-monitor support. If it’s possible to use a consistent scale factor for all of your displays, I would recommend it.

I have this same problem. I can’t reasonably change the monitors’ scale factors for just this app.

On my PC (Dorico 4.3 on Windows 11), the layout dropdown, like many other dropdowns, displays on my primary monitor when Dorico runs on the secondary monitor. Both monitors are scaled to 100%.

This is what the Dorico menu looks like when I open in on my second monitor. Dragging the window to the main monitor and back causes the menu bars to return to normal.

Dorico (866.8 KB)