Issue with Macro

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a simple Macro that does a reversed reverb on an audio snippet. This is what the Macro does so far:

  • Select all Events on track (Currently there is only one event so it only selects that single event. I’ll narrow this down once the main issue is fixed)
  • Launch a Logical Editor Preset that sets the length of the clip to 16 bars
  • Again select all events on track (Just to be sure)
  • Reverse the clip
  • Process Plug-in 2C-B2 (Opens 2CAudio B2 Reverb to process the clip)
  • Reverse the clip
  • Slide clip back 16 bars

This is what it looks like in Cubase: (Ignore the title of the Macro)

This is where the problem lies: Although Cubase visually selects the whole new 16 bar clip and slides it back at the end, it only reverses the original bit within that clip and in B2 it only selects a section as long as the original clip. It does NOT process the whole newly created 16 bar clip so the processed clip has no reverb tail and is not properly reversed.

Any suggestions on making Cubase select the full clip for processing instead of only a section equivalent to original length of the clip?




I will try doing this macro when my head is not aching and i have some brain processing power…
just a way i would do it- i would have the reverse reverb placed on a new audio track…
will check it out tomorrow prolly=)

Thanks! Yes I originally started making the Macro with a duplicate track command. I removed that because of the selection issue. Once everything is working as expected I’ll fine tune things like new tracks, only selecting one event etc. But first the basics! :slight_smile:


yah, I will defo check it out tomorrow=)

  • on another note… It would be cool if we had a share your macro sticky thread somewhere in the (hopefully new) Tips, Tricks & Techniques section of the forum:P

I have a macro for this but it doesn’t attempt to move the result back in time.
I find I always need to tweak the placement by hand anyway.

You may want to copy the clip to be processed to a new track first.

Then run this macro with the new clip selected…

Reverse Verb:
Audio - Bounce
Process - Reverse
Process Plug-in - Verb of your choice, (remember to set the “tail” Parameter to around 5000ms)
Process - Reverse

What I have noticed is that you need to bounce the clip first, then the “tail” parameter in the reverb plugin works. If you don’t bounce first then you get no “tail” and that is the most important part
for this application.

After deleting all my Macros and starting fresh, things are now working. There was something seriously buggy going on…

Anyway, this is the full Macro:

An important note: My “Set Length 16 Bars” preset is actually misnamed. What it really does is add 16 bars to the clip/part. The idea about adding 16 bars rather than setting it to 16 bars is so that when reversed and slid back 16 bars, it lines up perfectly with the original! What I mean by that is that say you have a spoken/sang word in the original clip and you set your reverb to 50% wet, when the Macro has run, the word in the resultant audio file perfectly aligns with the original word in the original clip. Ne need for manual alignment or anything like that.

I’m a happy camper. :slight_smile:


For completeness, this is the Full Macro with the renamed PLE Preset: (The image is too wide to link directly into the post. Have Steinberg not heard of HD screens yet? :wink: )

For anyone that doesn’t have the B2 reverb, replace with any reverb of your choice! :slight_smile:


Good morning=)

awww, there goes my morning challenge:P
jk- well done and thx for sharing=)

I wonder if we can duplicate only a selection to a new track…
-> might have to use the mixdown function to copy just the selected part to a new track…

ok, It will work like this -> sofar…

I am stuck on reselecting the newly placed event after the bounce/mixdown.
So far, It will process fine, but i cant get cubase to select that one audio part. (only can select all parts in the arrangement with various commands)

  • a command for: select all events on selected track would be helpful. - or something in that nature…

(I am doing this so it only reverses the selected event, not the whole track)

any ideas?

Good afternoon!

Yes the problem is solved. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved on to better and brighter things. Like a more advanced “Bounce In Place” Macro that allows extra length for reverb/delay/note release tails. (This one is done).

I’m also working on a “Solo Selected Clips” Macro (which restores the mute state of clips before the Macro was launched). The problem is that the Macros add a differentiator to the clip name as the original clip name already exists in the Pool… (I’m prepending identifiers to the relevant clip names and then removing the identifiers).

I’m thinking the easiest thing to do is just:

  • Invert Selection
  • Mute Events
  • Invert Selection
    (- Locators to Selection)
    (- Cursor To Left Locator)
  • Solo

And then hit CTRL-Z after auditioning. This restores everything to how it was before launching the Macro and anyway, you would need a key press to stop “Soloing selected Events” and that key press might just as well be CTRL-Z…

Btw, is there a way to pause a Macro until the user hits a key?


Good Day=)

I was incorporating it with my bounce macro…
I was going to tackle the placement of the audio after the rest worked
problems faced:

-Preferences - Editing - Track selection follows event selection
-Edit - Select event
-Edit - Solo
-Transport - Locators to selection
-Mixer - Bypass: channel strip on main mix
-Mixer . Bypass: EQs on main mix
-Mixer - Bypass inserts on main mix
-File - Export Audio Mixdown
-Audio Export - Increase counter start value
-Audio Export- Perform audio export
-Navigate - Bottom
-Mixer - Bypass: channel strip on main mix
-Mixer . Bypass: EQs on main mix
-Mixer - Bypass inserts on main mix
//////****** this is where the event doesn’t get selected anymore - but should******* (i can only select all events in arr. with various commands)
-Edit - Select event
-Edit - Solo
-Audio - Bounce
-Process - Plugin XX
-Process - Reverse
/////**the placement back in time would be next


  • yes a pause feature would be nice, or a pause until event selection

I would be curious to see how your macro looks like. In the mean time here is a suggestion:

Prepend/append an identifier to the clip name and select based on that identifier then at the end of the macro run a PLE Preset that looks like this one:


just realized that I would also have to compensate for the tail… lol (prolly increase value of right locator by X)

oh, interesting… will check it out after dinner :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my “Prepend ISSELECTED to Selected Events” PLE Preset:

You can do a lot by adding identifiers to clips but keep in mind that at the end of the Macro, the originally selected clip will have changed slightly! (The clip name will have (clipname) added to the end of the clip by Cubase automatically.

The Macro system is cool but with a few tiny additions it could be absolutely stellar! :slight_smile: And if Steinberg add the ability to load/save Macros as individual files we could add tons of functionality to Cubase and share those features! :slight_smile:

I’m curious to how you would tackle the extra length at the end for tails. My solution works but is not exactly elegant. :smiley: If you don’t find a method I’ll share my method. :slight_smile:


Haven’t tried to add identifiers yet- will check it out in a few…
I agree with the sharing feature… that would be amazing…!!

The solution i was thinking of was something of the likes of * cut event when volume is under Xdb* - if that is not possible, prolly, lol, then a general value would have to do… - i know in cubasis, you can mixdown including tails. maybe cubase has something like that too…?
edit: since tails would have a dynamic length - depending on the tail time settings, the cut event if volume is under Xdb would be an elegant solution… - or better yet, and include tails in mixdown or bounce

Btw, as you are busy with Macro’s do you also have problems with bugs?

Here is an example of what I am seeing:

The new command should be added below the selected command but it doesn’t. Sometimes it even adds the command to a completely different Macro. Also, this Macro was fine yesterday and this morning but the B2 command got deleted when I was editing other Macros… In other words, the system is very buggy. (Cubase 7.5.20 64 bit on Win 7 Pro 64 bit).


i wish that we could move commands up n down… arglll…lol
tried it with your ple preset, somehow its not turning out the way i imagined…

  • I wish in PLE or macro command- there would be a * select all events on track* option

yah, best way for tail would be: Audio Mixdown feature: include tail. (based on db) - once i get the rest to work, I will think of something acceptable as a workaround

How do I tackle the select event on the new track?

P.S. yes I also have those kinds of issues… lol (command added in wrong place…) - I added this to your issues post…

edit: for what its worth, im also on win7x64 and 7.5.20 cubase (screw win8)

editedit: in the normal file menu there is such an option - edit->select->All on selected tracks… (guess they missed adding it to the keycommands)

The command is right there in the key command list. Right below Select All! :slight_smile:


HAHA! OMG… lol - thx…rofl:P

guess i had some strange command in there before that selected all events, and i thought that command meant: select all on all tracks… okkk, moving closer =)