Issue with Maschine 2 plugin.

  1. Open/create new Cubase project.
  2. Add Maschine 2 as a Rack Intrsument.
  3. Remove Maschine 2 from Rack Instrument.
  4. Close the Project (no need to save)
  5. Open/Create new other Project.
  6. Cubase Quit Immediatly. And a Crash notification appear on the Screen.

If I use Maschine MIDI in Device manager, Cubase crash every time I remove Maschine plugin.

All programs are Up to date.
I’m on a Macpro 2008 OSX 10.11.

Thank you for all support.


Could you share the crash file, please?

But there are already multiple threads on the forum about Maschine crashes. There is known bug in the latest Maschine version, confirmed by NI.

I attach a Screenshot and a link to the word document which i copied from crash details, as shown by apple.

I will also try to search for Maschine latest bugs, and notice here if it’s similar.

Thank you for your support.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.22.47 PM.png


Sorry, I need the source *.crash file to be able to resolve it.

Hi Martin

Sorry about my misleading.
I just attached latest .crash file below.

Thank you.
Cubase 9.5_2018-06-18-153051_Mac-Pro.crash (114 KB)


Reported to Steinberg.

Btw, there is a bug in the latest NI Maschine update, which makes Cubase crash. This bug is also confirmed by NI.

Thank Martin, I also created a thread to NI Forum and another user noticed me about the bug confirmed.