Issue with MasterSection Presets menu

Hello. I’m experiencing an issue with WL12 that I have not experienced in any previous versions. When I open the MasterSection Presets menu, the list goes off the bottom of the screen and is not accessible at all. I’ve searched for some type of setting to fix it, but I see none. The only way I can access the presets is if I move the whole MasterSection window to my larger screen above. I don’t know if this has something to do with my three-monitor setup or what, but this pretty much makes WL12 undesirable to use at this point if I can’t access the full preset menu in my current window layout.

I have provided pics. The first pic is how it normally looks in WL11. The 2nd and 3rd pics are how it looks in WL12.

There actually seem to be issues in WL12 if a very large number of entries (e.g. VST Plug-ins) are to be displayed. On the one hand, the display of the window is not wrapped at the bottom of the screen (like in the post above) and on the other hand, simply not all entries are displayed, i.e. an appropriate scrolling function is missing. Compare here.
The Search function, which has already been suggested as a remedy, is not a real substitute for a proper listing, especially as with VST Plug-ins its filter only takes into account the names of the VST Plugins themselves and not the Vendor and Category attributes.

Not quite the same issue. These are not VST plugins. These are the mastering presets. When I master songs/albums, I save the mastering chain & settings for each song. I’ve been using Wavelab for like 20 years with multi-monitor setups and I’ve never had this issue before. The list is going down off the screen on the bottom monitor. You’re actually looking at 3 monitors in those pics. The top one is a 55" 4k TV, and the bottom 2 are 27" 1080p side by side monitors.

Here’s a pic of my setup with Wavelab open…


It seems the menu size is computed for the size of the main screen, even if shown on another screen. Maybe this bug will be fixed in the upcoming 12.0.30 version, next week normally. While I could not mimic your exact case, when I do a quick simulation, I observe a positive difference between 12.0.20 and 12.0.30.


I know, I meant VST Plug-ins by way of example of course and therefore adapted the text accordingly now.

Yeah, I had a suspicion that it was displaying based on the size of my main monitor up top and not the actual monitor below. Very annoying. I’m continuing to use WL11 until this issue is (hopefully) resolved.

It would appear this issue has, thankfully, been resolved with the latest update. However, it looks like the font size has been increased, which has increased the overall size of the menu and in turn reduced space. Is there any way to adjust the font size?

FWIW, I had this issue with a past version of WL. The work around is to have a preset folder called ‘Archive’ and … once the project is completed … move the master section preset to that.

This results in only the few projects that you are currently working on and the archive folder being displayed in the pull down.

I don’t think so. Anyway, the font size can’t be changed.

Same number of presets, but more columns = larger font. Or it’s bolder. Or the spacing is different. Either way, something has increased the size of the presets menu.

Yes, the vertical spacing between two menu items has slightly increased since WaveLab 11 (but the font size is still the same).