Issue with media bay Sync

Im using Cubase 10 (ver 0.30) with Pc windows 7 + Uad Apollo twin due Usb.

I have kind of issue (or maybe bug? ) with media bay.

when im trying to play media bay preview, even the sync button is on (all the 3 even are on),
the sample is not sync with the project and there’s delay, or sometimes even off beat.

only when i drag the sample to the project - the media bay rest itself and it work in sync for the rest of time.
same thing happen if i re choose my audio device in the studio preferences - its kind of “rest” and then its in sync.

but every time i open cubase, i need to do one of this actions if i want media bay preview to work properly.

it happens also in ver 0.20. software and audio device both on 44.100.

Anyone ?