Issue with metronome preroll


have an issue with the preroll feature of the metronome, which isn’t in every Song.
If preroll enabled the first to bars display -1.1 ; 0.1 and the tempo is always 120bpm.
If the Song had another bpm, the click is not in sync with the bars, if this where only a display error, i can live with that.
But in some cases (song bpm 80), the click beginns with “low, high, low low low” song start.
instead of “high, low low low, high low low low” Song start.

in 2 songs that start with 180 & 185bpm the display is not correct, because the preroll show 120bpm, but the clic is right, “high, low low low, high low low low” Start.

make a complete first install of vstl on my Home Desktop PC, the error is the same.

To reproduce:
Start empty project.
set tempo track to 80bpm
activate metronome and preroll 2bars.
klick play
the click is wrong.

the same with 180bpm, the click is right.

Thank you, you are correct and it will be fixed soon.