Issue with Missing Audio Files in Dorico 5 on Windows 11

When running Dorico 5 as a standard user(domain user) without admin privileges,
I encounter an error message indicating that some audio files are missing when attempting to play a composition and has no audio.
However, when I run the program as an administrator, the issue is resolved, and the program functions as expected. Any ideas ?

Hi @kiliaris.n , welcome to the forum.

Yes, the problem is that the installed sound files have the wrong file permissions set for your user account.
Have a look with the File Explorer at C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content (well, the ProgramData folder might not be shown with you, because it is hidden, so in File Explorer you need to enable ‘Show hidden items’)

In that Content folder are several subfolders and lots of vstsound files. Now, you have to make sure that on any of these items you (with your normal login account) have at least read access.

If you don’t know how to do that, we maybe could have a remote session.

Thanks for helping out, it works but i need to share the content folder also with the user.
Thanks a lot!

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Did this but no joy still. Any ideas anyone? Am on the 60 day free trial and this isn’t a good start.

Hi @robert_chadwick2 , please have a look in that other thread where you also made a similar comment. Thanks