Issue with mixdown and interapp audio ?

I am having great difficulty when using iMini and Magellan via inter app audio.

If I mixdown then no output from either is in the resultant file. I managed to resolve this for the Magellan track by freezing it.
However with iMini I get no output, even when I freeze the track. Am I doing something wrong ? Is this a problem with InterApp? with iMini? or with Cubasis ?
Other than using freeze, is there another way of ‘manually’ recording the audio from an interapp instrument ?

I am using Ipad Mini with Retina

Did you check the project settings?
iMini only seems to like 44/16 projects, maybe you could change resolution before freezing and then change it back again?

thanks bry for the suggestion. Project is 44 16 already though :frowning:

That’s odd, I can freeze iMini tracks with no problem, have you tried it in a new project?

Aside from freezing, you could try soloing the iMini track and doing a mixdown, then adding the audio back into the track.
Which iPad are you using? I’m on an iPad 2, and I’ve encountered this problem with various apps in Cubasis. As I understand it, it’s due to a lack of ram, causing the inter-app apps to close or disconnect when the mixdown is in progress, because the ram is being used FOR the mixdown.

I hope you manage to sort it.

I am using ipad mini with retina.

I have managed to get iMini working in a different project. I think my problems were caused by using both IAA and audiobus. iMini gets confused.
I have another strange issue with Magellan now, when I either freeze or mixdown the output is transposed down from what I hear when playing back without freeze or mixdown.

I thin iMini still has bugs in it - I get a lot of crackles from it and empty freezes too. It seems okay in GarageBand, I solved some crackles by backing off the volume in iMini but still not massively reliable.

Dancore did you come up with a workaround? (I’m on an iPad 2 too)

@Davidhiles Unfortunately, I don’t own iMini, so I haven’t experienced that particular problem, but I’ve heard a number of people complaining about that app.
If you think the crackles are related to CPU, you probably already know the only available solutions:

• Ensure that you have as much hard disk space as possible free (4GB+ minimum)
• Close all background applications
• Reboot your iPad
• Put it into airplane mode
• Run “cMemory” (a free app) to clean up your ram
• Try again :slight_smile:

I generally have good success running multiple apps through Audiobus on the iPad 2. I still use Audiobus more than IAA as I personally find it more stable.

I hope you manage to sort it.