Issue with monitoring a vocal

I use Cubase 6 and my sound dock is the MR816x. I am set up to track a vocal. My VST input bus is mono. All looks correct. When I put on the headset and use the headphone output that is on the MR816x, I hear amost a chorus effect on the vocal, as if it is being bused through somethine else. There are no plugins or other monitors armed so I can’t find anything else that the signal is being bused through. When I record and listen to a playback it does record perfect and dry. The problem is that it is too difficult to sing when the monitor is not dry and sounds chorused. Can someone help me figure out how to get the headphone output on the MR816x to give me a dry signal when monitoring my vocal? The reverb on the MR816x is turned off 100%.

Thanks for any help on this.

what buffer size/setting do you have in device setup?
Lower the buffer size and that should sort it. you may notice performance loss or clicks and pops in your recording depending on your system.

Find the best buffer size for your system when tracking then increase it back for when your mixing ect.

The buffering is already down to zero. It should not be that.

In Preferences you probably have “tape recorder style” monitoring selected. Disengage this.

What happens is your channel strip automatically turns on the monitoring/playback feature so you are hearing your vocal from the external mixer and the delay back for the DAW. Pretty sure.

As mr. roos says: you are double monitoring - via Cubase and your interface at the same time.

Thanks for the help everyone! I checked “Direct monitoring” and that seems to do the trick.