Issue with MS spectrum edit mode


Windows 7 x64 SP1 / WL Pro 9.0.0 b528 , prefs not copied (trashed).

  1. Open some not short (1 min or so) stereo wave file 44.1k and 16/24/32f bit.
  2. Press “Spectrum Display” button on the left of bottom of wave.
  3. Press LR button (left bottom), so you’ll be switched in MS mode.
  4. In AudioEditor menu press “Edit” then choose the “Spectrum Selection
  5. Select any 25 seconds range from start of the audiofile. One channel or two, no matter.
  6. In SpectrumEditor press “Apply” button. All parameters are in default.

You will see that some excess audio data will be copied after selected and edited range.

Anyone have the same?

Thanks for the report, I will investigate.