Issue with "Navigate To The Next Barline"

Trying to figure out if this is expected behavior, or a bug…this has been happening since Dorico 1.0 I believe.

If I have a note selected, and I hit the “Navigate To The Next Barline” key command, it works as expected, unless the bar is the last bar of a system, in which case the barline which gets selected is the barline after the next barline.
I made a little youtube video to demonstrate the issue. Is this supposed to happen?

Thank you!

Sorry to take so long to come back to you on this one. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into it and I’m afraid this won’t be easy to fix without significantly changing the way navigation by barline works. The reasons for this specific case not working brilliantly are a bit boring and technical, but unfortunately the way things are set up means that it is more likely to find a barline further to the left on the next system than the barline immediately to the right of the current position. Sorry for the inconvenience.

definitely not the worst of bugs. Thanks for the reply!!