Issue with navigation of Nuendo 10 dialog boxes (export, import, et al)


I’m on a Mac and use Butler and Better Touch Tool daily to navigate through various application dialog boxes (including Nuendo 8) via shortcut keys to save a ton of time doing repetitive tasks that involve dialog box interaction (like import, and export). I do this instead of having to mouse around to a variety of check boxes/settings every single time I see these particular dialog boxes.

As mentioned, Nuendo 8 (and prior) were navigable in the expected manner - using tab/spacebar/arrow keys/enter could get me to nearly every setting I needed to toggle/adjust. Now, it’s nearly none.

I’m trying to determine if this limitation inside certain Nuendo 10 dialog boxes is by design; that some areas simply seem to be “off limits” when trying to navigate with a qwerty keyboard, or if it can be overcome by some means and I’m just missing it?

(if by-design, it seems rather ill-conceived to abandon what has, in my experience, been a very widely adopted & accepted [and therefore predictable] “dialog-box behavior” convention regardless of app or platform, in the interest of I’m not exactly sure what?)

Any insight appreciated!


I don’t use the tool you mentioned, still I second your gripes regarding the new dialog windows in NU10. They are impractical, visually displeasing and graphically erratic (… eg. the black checkboxes). “The solution for the problem we didn’t have”. :sunglasses:

Shoot, nothing but crickets. (thx for the moral support Dietz!)

Not sure if it’s cool to bump this, but was really hoping for a response/solution from someone from Steinberg on this issue. This new (atypical, non-standard, unconventional) dialog box behavior substantially undermines the efficiency of my workflow.

Is there any solve for this behavior?

bumping again

Pointing out the ‘Human Interface Guidelines’ directly from Apple:

"…Keyboard-Only Interaction

Some people prefer using a keyboard over a mouse or a trackpad…To ensure your app can be used by all users, make sure its core features are accessible using the keyboard…Keyboard shortcuts let people activate menu items and actions by pressing specific key combination.

…Add full keyboard access mode support to all custom interface elements. Full keyboard access mode lets users navigate and activate windows, menus, interface elements, and system features using the keyboard alone…

Ideally this is just an oversight and will be sorted out in an update (although I’m not optimistic). Some DEV feedback would be much appreciated.

…bump…“Some DEV feedback would be much appreciated.”

In a similar vein: It’s quite frustrating when you type in the name of a plug-in - and you still have to grab the mouse to navigate the selection to the proper one.

It would be so much more comfortable (and logical) to keep your hands on the keyboard (where they already are!) and use the cursor keys to move the selection for a few lines.

Oh yes, I fully agree!


Completely agree.

So many illogical UI decisions that seriously undermine workflow efficiency (ie the fact that you still can’t vertically zoom waveforms with keystrokes - instead you have to manually move the mouse to the upper right corner of the Project window and drag up/down). Baffling.