Issue with navigation of Nuendo 10 dialog boxes (export, import, et al)?


I’m on a Mac and use Butler and Better Touch Tool daily to navigate through various application dialog boxes (including Nuendo 8) via shortcut keys to save a ton of time doing repetitive tasks that involve dialog box interaction (like import, and export). I do this instead of having to mouse around to a variety of check boxes/settings every single time I see these particular dialog boxes.

As mentioned, Nuendo 8 (and prior) were navigable in the expected manner - using tab/spacebar/arrow keys/enter could get me to nearly every setting I needed to toggle/adjust. Now, it’s nearly none.

I’m trying to determine if this limitation inside certain Nuendo 10 dialog boxes is by design; that some areas simply seem to be “off limits” when trying to navigate with a qwerty keyboard, or if it can be overcome by some means and I’m just missing it?

(if by-design, it seems rather ill-conceived to abandon what has, in my experience, been a very widely adopted & accepted [and therefore predictable] “dialog-box behavior” convention regardless of app or platform, in the interest of I’m not exactly sure what?)

Any insight appreciated!


Unfortunately this is by design (at least for now).