Issue with NI plugins and recalling .vstpresets

Hi, this post relates to some NI plugins and there is no place to BR at NI… I just post here anyways in case.

When say using some instrument like Reaktor or Massive which has loaded modules, when you try to recall a .vstpreset of one after the module has changed, I get an error. It looks like a typo maybe of a missing slash “” in the path of the module to recall.

this is the message in the plugin which shows the path which refers to Polyplex Reaktor module incorrectly - missing a \ in the path.

So honestly I don’t know if it’s NI or Cubase here, either way it results in me not being able to recall some VST’s correctly using Steinberg presets/Mediabay.

To recreate this
1- create new track with Reaktor or Massive
2- load a sound module and save as vstpreset
3- unload sound module
4- try to recall the vstpreset.


This is not Cubase message. Please get in contact with NI.

ty for confirming it’s not a Steinberg issue.