Issue with non-maximised window

When I have a window that is not maximised (inclusive of whenever I start a new file) it has the entire top tool bar cut off and I cannot do anything unless I maximise the window by going in to the “Window” menu and clicking Maximise. This is a massive problem because whenever I want to open up a second window in front of my current one, such as a VST or the mixer, it puts the screen back in that bad way.

Because the ‘top bar’ of the window is stuck up there, I cannot drag it down. Is there any way to RESET the window position to the centre?

This has been a problem for me for weeks and has made it really uncomfortable for me to use the software. Attached a screenshot.
Cubase problem.jpg

Use the scroll bar to the right. :confused:

Changing display res., dragging the window down and resetting res. might sort it if the scroll bar doesn’t.