Issue with Nugen Monofilter Elements


I have recently downloaded and started to use the Nugen Monofilter Elements in Wavelab 10 (latest version 10.30).
I am having a problem when saving a Wavelab Audio Montage and then opening it again.

I have an Audio Montage in Wavelab using Monofiler Elements (VST3 version) as Clip inserts, and it works okay when enabling it and using it for the first time. If I then save the Audio Montage and then reopens it later the plugin doesn’t work.

There is no sound, but if I remove the plugin I get sound okay again.
So I have to remove and then reopen the Monofilter as a plugin on all clips again to get it to work.

How to recreate:

  • Create an Audio Montage in Wavelab with two clips
  • Insert Monofilter Elements as Clip plugin on both Clips
  • Play files and it works OK.
  • Save and reopen the Audio Montage
  • Play any of the file and you have no sound
  • Remove Monofilter on any of the clips and play clip and you will hear sound
  • Insert Monofilter as plugin on the same clip again and it works okay again
  • Play the other clip with the old insert of Monofilter plugin and you have no sound.

So when removing the plugin from one of the Clips I get sound and the other one (with Monofiler still as plugin) gives no sound.
If I try the 64 bit version I get no sound at all, not even after opening it as a plugin!

I did the same test with a downloaded version of the full version 4 of Monofilter and that works okay even after saving the Montage.
So this issue seems to be with the Elements version only!

  • Anyone eles having same/similar issue with any plugins?
  • Is this a known issue?
  • Is there a fix for this?

I have also contacted Nugen related to this.


I battled a number of issues with Nugen plugins a few years ago, sent them many crash reports and reproducible cases and while they did get back to me, they didn’t seem to serious about getting their plugins to work correctly in WaveLab so I gave up and stopped using them.

It looks like nothing really changed.


Ok, thanks for the reply.
It will be interesting to see if/what I hear from them.



I would like to revisit this issue again.

I now realize that it works okay when using the plugin as described earlier in thread (i.e. by creating, saving and re-opening preset) in the Master Section but not in the Inspector.

So there seems to be some kind of difference between using the plugin in the Master section and in an Audio Montage.
PG, what may this be and is it something that may be fixed in the future?

The message I got from NUGEN was that they have been able to recreate the problem and will (hopefully) fix it in the future.

But it’s still interesting to now why there is a difference.
It may affect other plugins!?


Works fine here in the edit window. Never tried it in the montage. Best of luck!

A number of plugin developers seem to struggle getting their plugins to behave well in WaveLab. The fact that WaveLab is the only Steinberg product with Clip FX probably doesn’t help. I don’t think WaveLab is nearly as widely tested as Cubase and Nuendo by plugin developers. Whenever I decide to add a new plugin to my workflow, I put it through a few rendering tests to make sure what I’m hearing on playback is what I’m getting on rendering, and of course to make sure there are no crashes or GUI issues.

NUGEN has known about these WaveLab problems for a few years and it seems they are not doing much or anything about it.

It’s too bad because I like the analytical nature of NUGEN plugins, but I don’t have time to deal with the hassles I see in WaveLab.