Issue with number of tracks in global working space...

Hello everyone,
I just created 2 Global working spaces, one focused on the mixer, one on the waves.
My problem is that each time I recall them, the number of tracks that are on my consolse is set to 17 and not to 30 as I would like.
Even if I set it to 30 and then resave my global working space.
Is anyone have en Idea ?
I go really often back and forth fron the two working spaces and i’ts really boring to change this value each time.

Thx a lot .

I’m on cubase 8.0.40 windows 8.1


Zoom factor is not stored with the Workspace (unfortunately).

That is too bad :frowning:
Is there another way to do it, like macro maybe ?

Not with Cubase only. You cannot reach the “Set Number of Channels” field in Cubase.

Very “not-nice” workaround would be to zoom-in (or out) multiple-times, to reach the minimum or maximum value. Then you are sure about the init status and then you can zoom-out (or in) x-times, you want to.