Issue with part change plays previous part layer tail

have Issue with Layers
lets say i have 2 parts in a song (just used as a sound container for keyboard midi playing live)
part 1 with layer that has piano, and part 2 with a Pad that decays for 3 sec, when i play layer on part 2(pad) then change to part 1 (piano) now change again to part 2 even without playing by only changing the part i have the tail of the Pad heard on the background until it decays

If the pad sound continues without interruption then this is intented. You can set the tail (sustain) time in preferences/Layers.
If there is a gap when changing Parts, it may be just once; you can prevent that by applying File/Preload/Start. If it still produces gaps, pls. try again with the new version coming within the next days.