Issue With Percussion Sounds

I have encountered an issue while using the playback feature in Dorico. Whenever I use a drumset, the wrong sounds come out. For example, when I use a crash cymbal, a small “ding” sound comes out. I know that I am using the correct notation, as it says “Cr. Cym. 1” when I input the note. How do I fix this issue?

I am using version on a 2012 Mac with macOS High Sierra.

What sound source are you using WITH your percussion layout. Is it the default HALion? Otherwise, you may have to (it looks as if you DO have to) adjust your percussion MAP to link your Layout with your Sound Library.

Welcome to the forum, 4sterr. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. How are you inputting the notes onto the drum set staff? I would suggest trying using the Y shortcut to input a note on the line or space where the mini caret is shown when moving it up or down through the positions on the drum set.