Issue with Pitch Before Duration on Mac (edit: fixed)


I’m currently trying Dorico’s 30-day free trial to see if I want to make the shift from Finale to Dorico. One of the major elements of my workflow was the speedy entry mode, when I discovered that Dorico had an equivalent in “Pitch Before Duration Mode” I was really excited to find an equivalent. However I’ve run into a snag and, despite my attempts to find answers, I haven’t found a fix. While I can select a starting point in Pitch Before Duration, I’m unable to shift the gray cursor. When I attempt to use either option key, neither work as the alt key when combined with an arrow key. The only work around I’ve found is to manually click each new starting point. While this works, it greatly slows down my workflow. Has anyone else run into this issue or found a solution?

Welcome to the forum, jhowe.

Please confirm that you’re double-clicking to invoke the caret, or selecting an object and then typing Shift-N or Enter. It sounds as though you’ve just single-clicked an item.

I was double clicking. Going into preferences it appears that my issue stemmed from the “specify accidental” feature being set to “after input” rather than before.

Interesting - that’s new to me! I’m glad you found the solution :slight_smile:

the migration from Finale was and is a blessing for me :wink: hope for you the same, just discover every day the power of this great piece of software and the goodness of a great support from forum family.