Issue with Pitch Shift Audio Process

I’m making a quick doubler by duplicating an audio track and pitch shifting one of the duplicates using the Audio>Process>Pitch function.

When I go to apply the process Cubase asks if I want the process applied to existing audio or if I would like to create a new version. When I choose “new” the process window goes blank and I am unable to select any of the processes within the process window.

The workaround for me was to render-in-place that audio instance instead of duplicating/copying it.

Has anyone else experienced this? And, is this a bug or is there some setting applied that I am unaware of?


Never had any problems using that pitch function so it couldn’t be a bug.
Another option would be to advance one track in the timeline by about 10 ticks and retard the other by the same. The amount of ticks is subject to effect. Sometimes I use this method if I want one track hard left and the other right giving a nice stereo double effect. Works great for rhythm guitars and background vocals.