issue with Quick Controls

I just started trying to use Track Quick Controls (track controls) and I’m able to get the assignments set up in the Track Quick Controls setup, and I can get a track setup with a quick control, in whichever slot I set-up, but I can’t seem to get two tracks functioning at the same time, meaning one slider on my controller controlling one track, and another slider controlling another track. It seems as soon as I set up a second track , the first track stops responding to the other fader I set up. I would like to be able to control the volume levels of two or more tracks simultaneously while doing a pass. Is this not possible? I’ve set the faders on my controller to be on different midi channels and controller numbers of course.

Or is there an easier way to control the volume on two or more different tracks while in pb?

The currently-active track always takes the focus.
The best workaround i can think of, is to set your track Quick Controls in a slightly different way… (provided that this following method doesn’t require more than eight slots in total)…
Alt-click on a Quick Controls slot, which brings up a “global” hierarchy… From there, you can access virtually any parameter on any mixer track (so you could, for example have slot #1 controlling volume of the currently-selected track, while slot #2 controls the volume, specifically on, say, audio track #17, while slot #3 is controlling the filter cutoff on some specific VST instrument :wink: ).
That does mean that you’d have to do that for each track, where needed, however.

That’s an interesting feature, I wasn’t aware of Vic, thanks. Unfortunately I tried this and it literally takes about 90 seconds for the menu to come up. This may be because my templates have around 1400 midi/audio/group tracks. I tried doing this in the mixer window and Cubase just locked up.

Might have to invest in an external controller mixer. Any suggestions on which mix controller works best with Cubase, that has more than 1 fader?

Decided on the Avid Artist Controller. Looks pretty good.