Issue with record PLE

I am unable reproduce this at all, Cubase 12.0.30.

There’s more to this than you have found so far – search all along the ASIO (sound flow, I mean) path, maybe something will catch your attention.

I found it: it happens while Constrain delay compensation enabled, only with audio tracks, with midi no problem.
But I need that option enabled to record without latency.

I’ll bet there’s even more to it than that.

Can you reduce it to a specific plugin? Does it even happen without plugins loaded at all?

it still happens with an empty project with no plugins.

the weirdest thing is that only happens with the PLE, if I press record buttons normally it works fine. It must be a PLE bug.

This is not an accurate assumption. In any case, were it, I would be able to reproduce it.

Test with a new project with 2 tracks, one audio, one midi.

The ASIO path includes everything in the Studio Setup>Audio System

> Test with a new project with 2 tracks, one audio, one midi.
same issue

> The ASIO path includes everything in the Studio Setup>Audio System
don´t understand this sentence.

I have tested all the options: disable asio guard, steinberg profile, change buffer size, etc.

You understood correctly about ASIO

Can you find another way to reproduce the problem, which is

Also, to be clear, recording works, it’s just that the display is wrong and that it produces an error?

The next thing I would do is focus on any reason the error would appear.

Also your OS and technical computer specifications are missing, really you should enter that info in your Profile, so time is not wasted requesting it. (i.e., by someone who reads this while you’re asleep on the other side of the world)

Exactly, I remark: it only happens with audio tracks and if Constrain activated.

Last week I had to delete all preferences due to an error with Variaudio and ARA extensions.
Variaudio issue was solved, Ara extensions disappeared, I can´t use them.
I think this problem started after those events but I´m not sure.

good idea.
FYI: Windows 10, Ryzen 7, 16 gb RAM, Focusrite 2i2.

Do you happen to know how to write a bug report reproduction sequence? It’s not obvious, and it’s tedious for some.

How to report a bug

I didn´t know, I´ve just read the post you linked, but it´s almost the same we´ve been discussing here, steps to reproduce my issue are very simple.
Do you want me to open a new post? or write the steps here?

I´ve found a workaround:
While Constrain activated, record with Macro1:
Edit- Record Enable
Transport - Record

stop recording with Macro2:
Transport - Stop
Edit - Monitor
Edit - Record enable

while this should be exactly the same as what the PLE does somehow it works fine.
The transport record button turns red.
the Edit - Monitor step shouldn´t be necessary but without it I get the dropout message.

@steve Does this provide any clue on which might be the issue?

I suppose adding a command in Macro2 allowed the system to execute them properly. This is a long known “deficiency,” where a macro’s commands are sent faster than they can be invoked internally, and adding an in-between command acts as a pause, giving enough time for it to work correctly.

If I got that right, your solution is actually the best that can be done at the moment.

is there a way to insert a “pause” in a PLE? maybe as post command?

I have ran into this as well when trying to use the Pre and Post sections of the PLE. My resolution was to break up the PLE into smaller operations and stitching them together in a macro.
Is there a bug report for this issue?

There have been many, it’s a long-standing problem.

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No, there is not. I’m using File > Save command as idle. This process has very high priority and postpones other processes.

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I wouldn’t use toggle, I would use Enable Record. The selected track becomes Record Enabled by default. You cannot be 100% sure if the state before you trigger the PLE. Therefore I would force Enable here.

yep, but the issue is there with both options so I won´t still use this PLE but the 2 macros instead.

great tip, thanks.