Issue with recording Midi tracks From the Yamaha Genos in Cubase 12.0.20

Has anybody had a problem recording Midi tracks From the Yamaha Genos with version 12.20. Cubase professional?

I know all of my routing is correct and when I start the recording the gray color appears - no data-And when I stop that midi track it goes to black.

Could the updated version have a bug?

Alan Russell Rosenberg

I have had no problems with my Genos and Cubase 12 so far. Check the Yamaha driver.
What i do and is recommended by many is to make your song in the Genos sequencer and then transfer to Cubase 12 for editing. Play your song live, like me about 30 takes to get things right.
I then split the lead track into separate ones and disolve the drums to separate tracks for final mixing.
I have never tried to record straight from the Genos. I will give that a try.
Vst’s play great with a few exceptions of peaking meters which is now being looked at by Steinberg.
Something to do with Control Room.
What it needs really is Steinberg to make and sell a sequencer dedicated to the Genos flagship and a decent sound editor.
Why Steinberg does not do a modern XGworks, i will never know.
It just seems that Steinberg only cater for the pro with VST mainly. After all the Genos is a workstation and needs better editing programs. I mean that such a great machine needs that.
All the Best

The only thing that I create on the Genos according to my work plan is the piano style and drums which gets dissolved in Cubase and then from there I create all of my midi tracks. I had no problems recording midi during the morning recording session and this problem came about late in the afternoon
The Genos sample sound can be easily recorded to an audio track in cubase, the input being the first one on the left of the project window is receiving the signal and I could record an audio track with no problem but when it comes to the midi track the data is not being stored on the midi track - this morning we’re going to take a look at it again as we begin our Sunday recording session
We will stay in touch and I thank you for your reply

Alan Russell professional Arranger since 1968

The VSTI does not record either to an instrumental track…

Hi Alan
What i do is get a style i like and play through a song using different registrations.
Once finished on the Genos i may get three or four program changes on track one right 1 , track 2 , right 2, track 3 right 3.
Once in Cunbase 12, I just expand the tracks and cut them and move the different instruments to separate tracks, works a treat.
All of this is done after recording each track to wave.
The next stage is to get the Flack out of the Style which is easily done by going to function and ring the whole track and delete the small notes that can be all over the place. Then Quantize.
Styles are not perfect and the Genos must think we are machines , but we are not as we cannot know what a millisecond is when we are actally playing the keyboard. You have to do this thing for all style tracks.I just recorded a snip with Genos as below

Hope this is some help.
I reckon you are missing something that you will kick yourself later with.
I do that all the time.
All the Best

If you’re on Facebook just look me up I started a group dedicated to old-school arrangers using Genos and Cubase 12 professional.

I am sitting at my grand piano and I go undercthe name Alan Russell Rosenberg. Send me a friendship

Also, If I can uninstall this latest version and go back to Cubase 12 the original would I be losing any of my projects? The reason why I would go back is because everything worked with the original Cubase 12 professional

Just save your projects where you keep them . Mine are in My Documents Cubase project folder.
I always save a midi project and a wave project before any mixdowns in case i need to go back and have a re mix.

All the best

We have a very similar saving folder
Are you working with the latest version of Cubase 12 professional?



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