Issue with REHRS in VST Connect Pro


I just purchased the Pro version and test it out with a musician. Everything worked well except the followings:

  1. REHRS does not work.

a “rehearse” button. When this is activated, TB continues to be active even when playback or recording are running. You can use this to talk to the artist while playback is running so to coach him or her or discuss other aspects of the production.

Well, I engaged TB, and played back the song. However, the artist was able to hear the music but was not able to hear me talking to him into talkback mic.

What am I doing wrong please?

I can engage TB and Rehrs, start, and talk to the playback and performer hears me talking. I can also engage TB during playback w/o rehrs but that causes an unpleasant delay.

I guess I have tried it and the performer couldn’t hear me at all. I’ll try it next time.

I think that could go to preference for next version, to disallow TB during playback without rehrs!