Issue with removed Kontakt 4 in Cubase project


I have been using Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5 with Cubase for quite som time without any problems, but suddenly I have this strange problem with Kontakt 4. When opening old projects in Cubase I usually start with replacing old instances of K4 with K5 and it works okay.

Now I have a old project from 2017 with two instances of K5 (that propably has replaced K4 earlier) that opens okay, but after some time (minutes) it suddley freezes, and displays a message saying “Kontakt 4 has encountered a major problem and has been terminated. A crashlog has been created…” etc.
But the thing is that K4 is not invoked/loaded and I have disabled the two instances of K5 and all other instruments.

  • Anyone else who has experienced this problem?
  • Any ideas how to solve it?
  • What is it that makes Cubase think that Kontakt 4 is used in the project?

Running Cubase 10.5.0 .30 and latest versions of all Native instruments and libraries.