Issue with RME HDSPe driver 4.16

Cubase 9.0.1, problem exists is when ASIO Hammerfall DSP driver is selected and Cubase 9.0.1 is open (with or without a session open). When this is happens, all audio from windows or other programs becomes distorted and choppy. In Device setup, switching the driver to “No Driver” in devices menu resolves the issue. This issue is not present in Cubase 8.5 and earlier.

4.17 out now. And beside that… uncheck ‘optimize multi-client’ just to see if that improves things. Seems to for me.

I still have this problem. Cubase being open and with ASIO selected will cause other applications to sound distorted.

This does sound like a conflict with Windows WDM and RME settings. I have also RME and W10, fully updated. No issues like that.
Open Audio Settings in windows start, open ‘change other settings’ and make sure all is good, set playback and recording to 48khz 24 bit, disable all encoders and spatial sounds, uncheck ‘give exclusive mode application priority’. Turn off all system sounds.
Disable any other sound devices like video card audio in Device Manager (disable is better than uninstall).

Go to RME control panel (new version out again).
WDM tab - uncheck all but 1 WDM device
uncheck ‘optimize multi-client mixing’

all those things are what keeps it happy for me. I have experienced that issue before and found it was a settings mismatch like something above.

Thanks beerbong. I did all of these things and unfortunately I still have trouble. On RME version 4.22 now. Not sure what to try next.

I am on a new PC fresh installed Windows. Asus X99 Deluxe II. SAME PROBLEM! What the heck.