Issue with RoomWorks Plug Reverb Time Settings

Hello again, Philippe!

I’ve run into a slight, but confusing issue regarding the reverb time settings in the WL7 “RoomWorks” plug-in as compared with “NaturalVerb” in earlier WL incarnations. Typically, reverberation times are measured by the time it takes an impulse to decay 60dB; referred to as the RT60 value. RoomWorks appears to have significantly different decay times from this recognized acoustic measurement standard.

Where this causes difficulties is when previously defined acoustic hall RT60 times are applied (ref: “Analysis of Sabine and Eyring equations and their application to concert hall audience and chair absorption”, L. Beranek; J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 120, No. 3, September 2006, ppg. 1403 & 1404; and private discussions with Dr. Beranek), the RoomWorks Reverb Time settings don’t appear to represent the specified typical 500-1KHz RT60 delays (e.g. Boston’s Symphony Hall RT60 = 1.97 seconds; New York City’s Carnegie Hall RT60 = 1.67 seconds; Vienna’s Musikvereinsaal RT60 = 2.05 seconds, Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw RT60 = 2.8 seconds without audience, and RT60 = 2.2 seconds with audience, etc.). I’m not sure how this came about in the existing version of RoomWorks, perhaps due to the ability to tailor the frequency responses of the various reverberation delay patterns, but plugging in the above data does not appear to provide the appropriate reverberation one hears in these spaces.

And there is much more data available regarding the frequency response reverberation characteristics of various concert halls around the world that could be applied to tailor the settings in RoomWorks assuming they actually represent the real world performance parameters of these various spaces.

Finally, although a number of Factory Presets are provided, there only appear to be 2 that attempt to emulate orchestral performance concert halls: “Hall, Los Angeles 2019”(not sure the reference for this hall nomenclature [Disney Hall?] and date), and “Hall, Grand Chamber”. For classical music mastering the latter provides a stepping off point, but it would be much more helpful to be able to insert actual hall parameters into the very flexible and adjustable RoomWorks plug-in settings to actually emulate existing hall and performance space acoustics. This of course, again assuming that the RoomWorks settings actually were designed to represent the measured data points in these various concert halls.

Sorry to get a bit techie on this from an acoustical standpoint, but it would be helpful to develop a correlation with RoomWorks and the reality of measured data to represent specific concert space venues.

Thanks for your time and consideration of this information, Philippe. As always, your engagement and software development skills are absolutely impeccable and greatly appreciated by all!

This plugin is provided by Steinberg, and I don’t know its internals, hence I won’t be able to comment. Since this plugin is also provided with Cubase/Nuendo, maybe you could post on these forums as well? Sorry not being able to help.

Hello again, Philippe!

Apparently, because I’m not a user of Cubase or Nuendo, I evidently cannot provide a “New Topic” in the Cubase Forum to present discussion on this issue.

I’m therefore copying and posting this issue under the “FORUM ISSUES” area.

Thanks for all you do for us, Philippe!