Issue with saving Chord-Type Presets in the Score Editor

It’s not so easy for me to describe the Problem in English, but I hope you’ll understand:
In Cubase 8.5.10 it is not possible to save created Chord-Type Presets when they are differnt typed like the Factory-Cubase-Presets.

Step by step:

  1. Open an empty projekt. Create a Midi-Track. Draw a Midi-Event.
  2. Open the Score-Editor. You see empty bars. Draw a Chord-Symbol for example “C”.
  3. Open the “Edit Chord Symbol Dialog”.
  4. Type in the “Chord Type”-field “m” (often used for minor). Now you can apply it to the Chord by clicking on Apply.
  5. Save it as a preset by clicking on “Store”. Now “m” appears in the Presets (drop down menu).
  6. Now open the tab “Chord Symbols” in the Symbol Inspector. In the latest createt Preset-field should now be a “Cm” but it is a “Cmin” .
  7. Also when you’re clicking with the right Mouse-Button on the Chord-Symbol in the score, a dialog opens, where you can apply a Chord-Type Preset.
    When you choose “m” the Chord in the Score changes to “Cmin”. The only way to apply the own created Chord-Type is with the “Edit Chord Symbol Dialog”.

    This also happens with other Chord Types:

Co appears as C
Co7 appears as C7
Cj7 appears as Cmaj7
Cno third appears as Cdim
Cmin7/b5 or Cm7/b5 appears as Cmin 7/#11

The only workaraound is using the presets in the “Edit Chord Symbol” Dialog. But this is not very comfortable.

Please, can s.o. confirm this issue?

Best regards