Issue with saving the Lyrics zoom value

Hi team,

there seems to be a problem with the event that triggers saving the Lyrics zoom value when it is changed.

I noticed that saving only happens if you move between songs, while on the contrary, if you stay on the same Song, save the project and reload it, no saving is highlighted.

Below are the steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Position yourself on a specific Song by selecting the Lyrics view
  2. Change the zoom for the lyrics to a new value
  3. Save the project and reopen it
  4. The zoom value is not the new one expected
  5. Change the zoom for the lyrics to a new value
  6. Move to another Song and go back to the previous one
  7. Save the project and reopen it
  8. The zoom value is actually the new defined value

In reality I would also have noticed an anomalous behavior due to a minor bug that appears, when opening a project, on the application of the zoom value to the lyrics display for a particular scenario.

Below are the steps to reproduce this additional bug:

  1. For a Song, select the Lyrics view and set a zoom value different from the default one
  2. Without moving from the Lyrics view and the current Song, save the project and close VST Live
  3. Reopen VST Live and load the project you saved in step 2
  4. You may notice that the zoom that was saved in point 2 is not applied to the Lyrics display

From the position of the slider I deduce that the zoom value has been correctly loaded, while the display of the Lyrics has simply not been refreshed :wink:

… fixed. Please re-try with the next update,

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Hi @Spork,

I can confirm that in relation to this test scenario, the fix appears to be correctly applied. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, by retesting this second scenario, the fix does not seem to have resolved the issue that still arises. :frowning:

… I guess we need a full step by step repro here. That’s what I am doing

  1. Start VL, Default New Project
  2. Select LYRICS and click to “Create Lyrics Tracks”
  3. Move the zoom control to the right to zoom it full in.
  4. Save project, close VL
  5. Start VL and load project from [4]

Everything is correct. What do we miss?

Thank you,

Hmm… in fact with such a “light” project the issue doesn’t seem to occur.

I had to “weigh down” the minimal project getting: (13.6 KB)

If you now start VL and load the Test4Spork.vlprj project you should get:

Obviously I cannot know the refresh logic of the textboxes contained in Lyrics, but apparently it seems that something does not trigger the refresh under particular conditions when the application is opened.

And as always, thank you for your support and patience.

Hi @Spork,

did you have a chance to consider the last reply I inserted in this post last week?

I add to what is reported in it that a similar issue systematically occurs when, for the Test4Spork.vlprj project, the floating window associated with Lyrics is opened and then resized.

Thanks in advance.

… sorry for being late. It’s fixed now and ready for the next Update,

Perfect and thank you again. :slight_smile: