Issue with Single Line staff on Individual Parts layout

Hello all,

I am writing a piece for double basses, piano, vibraphone, Bass clarinet and flute.
For the Bass clarinet and Flute there are breathing passages and some specific syllables need to be spoken through the instrument, the usual stuff.

For ease of reading, I have created a separate single line staff( percussion named to ‘voice’) for both wind instruments. In the full score this works fine.

In the individual parts layout ( Bass C. + Flute) both single line staffs turn into 5 line staff.

I find this really strange since the instrument remains the same. Maybe What can be the issue is that there is no written material on that single stave but only text ( normal text, NOT lyrics) showing the syllables.

Someone has any idea how to fix this ?

Thank you and stay safe everyone !!


In Layout Options, there is an option to display the percussion staff in a particukar format in each layout.

Could you expand a bit more on how you’ve set this up? Or share the project perhaps? I wonder if you’ve got an instrument change issue, or if the percussion instrument isn’t assigned to the parts.

If you add a chord symbol region to the percussion staff where you’ve added the text, does that prompt an instrument change?

Thank you Dan (and Lillie) It worked !

To be more precise I had to change to Grid rather than Single Line instrument ( not sure why, maybe there is a specific reason for it) but it did the trick regardless.