Issue with Stylus RMX Win7 32bits


On Win7 C6 32bits I’m having many issues with Stylus RMX that I didn’t have before.
When I’m listening for the loops, sometimes I get a Info with an error.

When it happens again, I’m going to copy the message…

I own all of the Spectrasonics instruments and use them on Win7 (but with x64 versions) and have never had an error loading a patch.

I suspect if you are getting errors on load you might have corrupt files. Check Windows event viewer for disk errors and do a check disk as well. You might want to reload the library from DVD.

Spectrasonics’ support is very fast and friendly. Email them as well.

lights - Sonic is using a Mac. I think Steinberg MUST come up with a way to highlight user o/s. I’m not a “separate forum” advocate but this is an example of where things aren’t working perfectly on the forum. I’m enjoying learning little bits about our Mac brethren and their perspectives, not all of them positive! :astonished: :open_mouth: :laughing:

His message says otherwise.

I’m using 2 different systems. The mac is on the studio and the pc at home.
The problem is on the pc using Win7 32bits…

Oops! Sorry :blush:

Maybe this is a memory problem.
Cause testing it without anything, there’s no problem…
The ‘problematic’ project just has some tracks, with Variaudio on 3 of them…
Maybe C6 uses more mem than C5… Or is the Win7?

If you have more than 4GB of RAM you might try the x64 version of C6 (and Windows), which can access a virtually unlimited amount of memory.

Yes, I know x64 is better for mem…
But there’s some plugs that doesn’t work good with vstbridge…

I know that sucks. jBridge is only $20.

I’m also having problems with Stylus RMX 1.9.4d on C6 32bit Win7 (64bit).

I have never had any problems with Stylus before (C4, C5 etc.).

Yup, Just chiming in , Im also having problems with RMX, but to be honest they srated up in 5.5.2, and havent went away.
Only plug that crashes my system, and I have been using RMX flawlessly for years :question:

Maybe there’s a problem using C6 32bit and Win7 (64bit). I’ve managed to go fully 64 bit (except for BFD2 :imp: ) and I get no problems. In fact I’ve never enjoyed Cubase so much, it’s finally “there” as far as I’m concerned.

I hadn’t problems using it on WinXp with C5.5…

Me neither. I was very reluctant to move away from XP - it wasn’t broke, didn’t need to fix it etc. but Steiny weren’t supporting it for C6. Windows 7 64 bit + Cubase 64 bit is definitely the way to go, as long as you use JBridge V1.27.

But Stylus RMX has a 64bits version for Win7 and OSX. You don’t need to use jbridge…

Yup it sure has, but my little problem seems to be when your running Stylus RMX 32bit, In C6 32Bit, in a 64 BIt O/S. (Windows 7 Ultimate) :wink:

I’m refer to zebbie that are using jbridge with Stylus…

Sonik - I should clarify - Jbridge is running my 32-bit plugins (including BFD2). As you say, all the Spectrasonics plugins have 64-bit versions and don’t need bridging in a 64 bit environment.

I’m having a huge problem with RMX 32bit in W7 64 bit (Cubase 6.01 32 bit) as well. I never had a problem in Cubase 5.52 (32 bit). A real PITA!