Issue with Supervision window size

Supervision opens up truncated everytime I load a project. I have to manually adjust the window size all the time.

This is how it appears when I load the plugin
Supervision window

It seems that it cannot remember the last used or saved state and only occupies a small fraction of the window.

I am on a WIN 10 pc.

If you have the SuperVision plugin stored in a Master Section preset, the size will be restored with the Master Section preset.

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OT but it is a very convenient and useful feature thank you

Yes, I´m using SuperVision as a master section preset. But the size is not being restored. It never did, since SuperVision was introduced the first time. I had the hope that with the latest WL version this bug would vanish but its still here.
In fact, I am experiencing several, similar issues with the window size of VST3 plugins. Especially when used in the mode: one plugin per window.
As an example, WL is not able to start/stop playback by pressing the space bar while I use Soothe from Oeksound or Intensity from Zynaptiq. With some plugins it works, with other it doesn´t.
Or resizing plugins with the lower right corner handle is often a hit or miss with VST3 plugins.

But everything works fine in Bitwig, Live etc.

What about a Control Window with plug-ins inside
will that work?

regards S-EH

Plugins can’t be docked in Control Windows.

Oh ok thanks!

regards S-EH