Issue with tablature?

When trying to change a note of the tablature of a string to another, appears in the contextual menu as changed, but the tab does not change.

For example, we have a note on the 4 fret second string, and we want to appear on the eighth fret of the third string (same note). I open the menu, select the submenu to change the string, I select the string I want, but nothing happens, and there is no option to do otherwise …

The only thing is that I use the third string tuned to F #, but should not be an impediment for the change of string.

Indeed this is a major problem for those who work in tablature

(Sorry for my english …)

Hello (btw, jour English is just fine :wink: ),
Well, I’ve just tried it here (both in Cubase 6.0.2 and in Cubase 5.5), and it is working fine here (N.B, if the 3rd string is tuned down to F# then moving that note from the 4th fret on the 2nd string will become the 9th fret on the 3rd string, not the 8th fret (unless the 2nd string was also tuned down to A# :wink: ).

Let’s be certain we are doing the same thing…
For test purposes, I entered one note (D#3, MIDI note #63). I had not yet switched on Tablature, so it appeared on the space below the bottom line of the treble clef.
I then switch on Tablature (Guitar mode)… It showed, correctly, on the 4th fret of the 2nd string.
While in the Tablature dialog, I transposed the 3rd string down to F#.
Back in the main Score Editor window, I right-clicked on the note, and selected “Move to String” from the contextual menu, and selected “Move to String 3” instead of its pre-checkmarked “Move to String 2”.
The note went immediately to the 9th fret on the 3rd string (because of the transposed F#).
I don’t know why it isn’t working for you there.
Try the “sledgehammer” approach… how does it behave after you have created completely new Cubase Preferences?

I tried with an empty configuration, and there has been no problem. Still not working with the template. I’m using:
1 - Cubase 6.0.2 template score (guitar layout)
2-2 polyphonic voices
3 - Using Halion sonic to hear the music

I retested the empty template, and it seems the problem is with the template: not allowed to change the string

Ah! I see the problem… you have indeed come up against a “weak spot” in Cubase, when using the option, “MIDI Channel 1-6” in Tablature Mode (which is indeed activated in that Guitar Template), and you then want to move to another string…

When using “MIDI Channels 1-6”, you must also change the MIDI Channel of the note, to match the new string.
Also, the problem is compounded by the fact that it also uses a polyphonic staff (only two of the six channels are active… I really think that this Template needs to be modified!)

(so, in this particular case, in addition to moving that note to the 3rd string (8th fret), you must also change its MIDI channel (in the Info Line) to ch #3. (or, if you don’t need it specifically, switch off the option “MIDI Channels 1-6”).
Also, either switch off Polyphonic voices (unless you really need it), or activate the next four voices (EDIT: this leads to yet another mess!… only four voices are available per staff, so it will add another staff, for the two extra voices… with bass clef!)

It would be nice if Cubase could handle all that automatically, when moving to String #, but unfortunately, it doesn’t :wink:.


I disabled Midi channels 1-6, and now I can change without problems. I need use two (or more) polyphonic voices, 'cause its vihuela music ( Fa# :wink: Better disable midi channels…

Now it works! Thanks! :smiley: :smiley: