Issue with tempo detection, Cubase 12.0.20


I explain here the issue which is not appear on Cubase 12.0.00

  1. Select the terget track which we want to detect tempo.
  2. Go to Project → Tempo detection.
  3. Click Analyze, wait until the tempo track and time signature track appear.
  4. Impossible to modify the tempo manually, which is possible in Cubase 11 and 12.0.00

The second issue: Now if we stop modifying the tempo, and switch the pointer to any other task, sometimes The main ruler switch to “Seconds” instead of the normal “Bar+Beats”

I include the screenshot, to see what is happening. In Cubase 11 we may see many tempo points in ruler (which is turned RED), allowing us to modify any tempo point. In the screenshot, there is nothing, and we cannot modify it manually.

My system:

  • MacBook Pro 2019 i7, 16GB of Ram, Mac OS Big Sur. Also happened in my MacPro thrash can, Mac OS Catalina, 64GB of Ram.
  • Presonus Studiolive 64s as Sound interface.
  • All softwares and plugins are licences and up-to-date.

Thank you and regards,

Le Thanh Tam.

Hi moderator,
Anyone checked this issue?
Please confirm at least it is happening or not.
I need tempo detection to work with my live-recording data.

Thank you.

Today I figure out the reason of this issue.
It is Free warp was set by default, instead of Grid Warp from the older version.
So my problem has been solved.

Thank you.

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