Issue with text placement

Hi all,
When I enter a text instruction in the given position, in this case “stop loop”, the text is incomprehensibly shot up to the next staff.
Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 8.29.03 PM

Engrave mode looks like this
Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 8.28.07 PM

I get it if it’s a little bit off in write mode, but that’s pretty egregious especially when the other elements are hidden.

Any thoughts?

Is the first screenshot in galley view? Galley view displays faster by not doing any collision avoidance.

There has also been a bug in Galley view where some objects keep climbing higher and higher. If you close the score and open it again, the object reverts to the expected position. I don’t know if that is fixed with D5.

It is galley. Still I would imagine that fixing it in Engrave should adjust it in Write?

I feel like it’s actually avoiding collision with elements on its own staff, otherwise why would it be kicked up so high?

There is no collision avoidance in galley view. Check out the page view, galley view is made to enter the music, not engrave it!

That element should still not be encroaching on the staff above like that.

Galley view is specifically not handling this kind of things to limit the calculations load (it would double the load, as each layout has its calculations and galley view should add that, and for every filter available!)
In any case, that’s how it’s been implemented. Not the right tool to fine tune graphical elements. That’s a job for Engrave mode, and Write mode page view mirrors that.
There’s a simple solution to get rid of collisions in galley view: in Layout options >Vertical spacing >ideal gaps, set the space between staves in Galley view to 200% (or more if needed). Hope it helps!

I understand what you’re saying but it still shouldn’t interfere with my ability to interact with elements on a completely different staff because it’s on top of them. I’m not trying to fine tune anything right now.

I’ll try the gaps suggestion thanks

I misstated slightly. (I’m away from my Dorico computer and didn’t check it myself.) It’s true that items on one staff stay out of each other’s way even in galley view. But collisions with other staves are ignored, and engrave mode adjustments also are not displayed.

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