Issue with the Send panning

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Good morning all

when I link the send pan of the track the pan of the send follows the pan of the track well except that nothing happens I want to put the reverb on the right so I put the pan on the right and there is always some reverb on the left I don’t understand there may be something to check in the preferences someone can help me thank you all

This doesn’t work since reverb is a room effekt and a signal going into a reverb leads always to reflections on both sides

Hello it’s a pity on Protools you can

No you can’t, giving, you are using the same techniques…

If I understand what you are asking…you can do this in cubase too :slight_smile: ( PRO only feature ?)

linked panners

unticked makes the send < C >

obviously the results will depend on the FX you are ‘sending’ to.

no, he want the FX coming only on the right side if he sends only on the right side
but is using a stereo effect
he can use a mono reverb and add it only to the right side (routing in the insert slot of the FX channel)

yes I know - and stereo reverbs will often ‘spill’ over both channels when used in this way - but really this is the solution.

Yes, there are other (more complex?) ways of achieving this.

Normally the Send on a stereo track is panned to the centre - so a stereo FX channel gets the signal on BOTH channels. When you activate this setting then you can PAN the send. This means the stereo FX channel gets a ‘panned’ signal.

As we both mentioned - a reverb will tend to spill over to both channels (depends on the reverb!) but even with reverb this can be quite effective. But try it with a stereo delay or flanger…it’s a very useful feature.

With surround sound channels this gets even more important.

Trust me on this one :smiley: - give it a try , linked panners is very very useful. It’s one of those hidden things (hidden in plain sight)

…and you can pan separately by using the ‘pan tab’ on the channel editor ‘sends’ section.

He is reffering to the spill… that’s what he is trying to avoid… and he is already using the link feature

that depends on the reverb - some will actually behave in the way that he/she requests and no mention of using the ‘linked panners’ in those posts ? It all depends on the specific reverb used - but unless you change the panning on a send it’s essentially mono (dual mono).

We’ll probably have to ‘agree to disagree’ on this :smiley: - although I strongly suggest you play with that feature. And I urge the original poster to give it a try - that’s what protools is does.

When you start working in multichannel (more than 2) - you’ll find it vital.

As an aside I was talking to the developer of a very good multichannel (atmos) reverb and all his nuendo customers complained that the routing was broken (he wasn’t using nuendo). I pointed out that feature …all fixed.

the first sentence :wink:

that’s what we already said

After all, I can’t understand the need of reverb on one mono channel only…

and I did play with the panners and the routing already :wink:

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:+1: I should learn to read !!!

I find it useful to have reverbs panned like that every now and again - especially on a hard panned vocal - the reverb wash can pull the vocal back towards the centre - and doesn’t sit ‘around’ the vocal properly. I don’t do 100% but maybe 70% panned. Maybe 100% for that 1960s sound ?

I do that with panning the return… and narrowing the stereo field in the return

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that would be my first choice in stereo- but in surround it’s more complex and that’s where the linked panners really work.

I don’t do surround work