Issue with ties and styles

There appears to be a bug with changing the standard tie style to dotted or dashed in Dorico 1.2.10. If you have ties that extend across more than one barline (e.g. in 2/4 this would be minim tied to minim for 3 or more bars), the ties style dropdown to say dashed or dotted options only affects the first tie leaving the remainder unchanged. I’m new to this forum and have searched for this issue, but couldn’t find anything on it, so apologies if it has been addressed elsewhere.

Is this Write mode or Engrave mode? My suspicion is that if this is Engrave mode it’s intentional, rather than a bug. You can always Ctrl/Cmd click multiple tie elements and change their dashed/dotted style in one go.

EDIT: I suspect the dashed/dotted style shouldn’t be available in Write mode, or that it ought to apply to all selected tie segments rather than just the first one. This is definitely manually adjustable in Engrave mode, though.

It’s a bug that it doesn’t affect all ties in a chain in Write mode, and this is on our list of things to fix. However, it is correct that you can indeed select each segment in turn (or at the same time if you’re careful with Ctrl+click) in Engrave mode and apply the desired style there.

Thanks very much for this advice. In future if I come across similar issues, I’ll try this approach first.