Issue with transposition

Hi, when i transpose from C to G (see the pics), why the armor doesn’t make a sharp automatically ? Thanks
Transpose of C to G

How did you do the transposition? Clearly not by selecting all and applying Write/Transpose/Up a perfect 5th as your chords are different. (and incorrect, 3rd bar should be D7) If you selected the notes and used Alt-Up arrow then that’s just a modal transposition and will result in your second example. Alt-Shift-Up arrow will apply a chromatic transposition if you want to do it that way instead of Write/Transpose. You can select a key sig when applying Write/Transposition too, but in C you would need to be sure to actually create that key sig so you can select the signpost.

Two things:

  1. Dorico doesn’t assume you’re in C major when you start a new flow. Did you input a C major key signature.

  2. How did you transpose?

Thanks for your answer, i have found my mistake with your help. I should make a system text for Dorico know that i’am in C major. After, i have all selected, write and transpose in G ans the sharp is there. Very helpful Thanks.