Issue with UPGRADE from Cubase AI 8 to elements

I paid for the UPGRADE and got a download. It does nothing but try to update AI. I read in another forum about the shortcut icon not changing, but this is not the case. Am i missing something? when i use the install it says cubase elements 8. but it doesn’t change anything. i tried uninstalling AI and just running the UPGRADE download but i get the same results.
I have not received any activation Key.

Oh i’m on an iMac

thanks for any help.

Hi and welcome,

Cubase AI and Cubase Elements are the same executable files. Just the license in the eLicenser decides, which functions should be available, and which shouldn’t.

So open eLCC application, enter your Activation Code, and download the Cubase Elements license to your Soft-eLicenser. Start Cubase => Cubase Elements will start up. :wink:

I Never received the activation code! I paid for it and have been billed for it.


Check your MySteinberg account. It could be mentioned here.


i checked there already. When i paid the upgrade it gave me this download. “Cubase_Elements_8_Installer_mac.dmg”
it runs just fine and installs but i didn’t get an activation code in email or elicenser control center to allow me to activate the full elements version.