Issue with upgrading 9.5 AI to 9.5 Artist


I am trying to upgrade Cubase 9.5 AI, which I received with my audio interface, to 9.5 Artist. I first installed AI some time ago, when I bought the audio interface. Recently I’ve bought an AI to Artist upgrade package separately, and I’ve downloaded and installed Artist with AI still installed. With the USB dongle plugged, when I run Artist, and tried to activate it, as per the instructions, I first entered the activation code for AI, but the eLicenser says that this code has already been used. Then I uninstalled AI, and left only Artist installed, but eLicenser says the same. I went then to my Steinberg account, and tried to re-activate AI, but it doesn’t like the eLicenser serial number - it says it is the old one - seems like it expects the eLicenser to be re-installed, which I haven’t performed so far, because I am not moving to a new system, but just trying to upgrade. I guess I should re-install eLicenser, but I am not sure whether I am heading in the right direction, and decided to ask first.

So, is there something I am missing, and what are the proper steps to upgrade AI to Artist? Obviously, the instructions provided with the upgrade package, and the ones on Steinberg site are not complete, at least for the case when AI has already been installed on the system.

If you haven’t done so already, you need to move the AI license to the USB-eLicenser first.

Thank you, Scab Pickens!
I moved the license to the USB-eLicenser, and tried again as per the written instructions, to enter the AI activation code first, and then enter the Artist activation code. I’ve got the same error as before that the AI license has already been used, so then I tried to enter the Artist activation code, and it accepted it, and asked me which license I would like to upgrade. I chose the AI license, and it worked. So, now it seems to be OK. I have to mention though that both written instructions I received with the update, and those on Steinberg site, are not clear on the procedure, at least for the case when one has already activated AI in the past.

Now I have two more questions:

  1. As I uninstalled AI when Artist was already installed in parallel, could that have deleted some important shared data from the sound libraries, or something else, which is still needed for Artist, and should I re-install Artist?

  2. When Artist license was activated successfully, I received a message that since I’ve activated a software license up to 4 or 6 weeks (depending on the product) before the release of a newer version, I might be entitled for a free Grace Period update. I followed the link, and it allowed me to download Artist 10 installer. So, does that mean, that I could have a one-time free update to Artist 10, or I will have to pay for that update at some point? It seems like it should be free, according to what is written here:

1.) Not sure, but it couldn’t hurt to run the complete installer. It should tell you if things are already installed or need updates.

2.) Yes, you have received a “grace period” license. It is free of charge and permanent. If you want to use it, install 10 and away you go.

That’s very kind of Steinberg! Thank you, Steinberg!

So, anyway, when I install the full 10, it should update all libraries, and I guess there should be no need to re-install 9.5 again.

Thank you, Scab Pickens!