Issue with UR22C

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased a Steinberg UR22C but I’m experiencing some issues. Both the last Firmware and the URC Tools are installed.

Basically when I listen to iTunes and then I open a software like Dorico, Sibelius or Cubase iTunes stops working and I have to reboot it to listen to the audio. The audio on Cubase and Dorico works.

When I am on Zoom and I open or close Dorico or Cubase the audio goes for one second automatically to the monitor on which the zoom windows is and then goes back to the UR22C again.

Does anybody have a clue of what’s going on and how can I fix this?

I’m on Windows 11. i9 12900 KF. 128 GB RAM

That issue should be fixed in the last update that came out yesterday

I literally got the interface yesterday afternoon

So that probably does not have the latest software/firmware, check the website for softwareversions.

I installed it yesterday and reinstalled today

Okay I don’t know about the 22, I have the 816 and I also had the same problem, but that’s gone after the update.

In the end I solved the problem replacing the interface. Got an Audient iD14 and when I open dorico or any other software while listening to music on the browser or iTunes or Amazon the audio flows smoothly