Issue with UR44C

Hi all, I have a new issue with my UR44C / Cubase 12 PRO / USB Driver ?

When I click on the Track monitor button in Cubase at any Audio track I get a high ring noise .
Same issue if none or any instrument or mic is connected to the UR44C

Impossible to record any audio - my Studio business is down

I use windows 10
I use Cubase 12 PRO
I have installed latest Yamaha USB drivers to fix the problem
I have the same problem with standard low latency USB driver

Are you using usb3 or usb ports? Try another cable?

Thanks for the feedback.
I contacted Thomann user support for the product and he solved the issue v ery fast by asking me a few questions.

Issue was in the UR44C DSPFXMIX software package where I by mistake have pushed the LOOPBACK button to other selection than OFF