Issue with using instrument filters while entering music

I’m not sure if this is a Dorico problem or a me problem.

I have a large orchestra.
Sometimes, it’s simpler to use a filter to have, for example, only my 1st desks in the woodwinds.

I like to enter notes on multiple instruments at a time by activating the cursor across multiple staves.

however, I noticed that Dorico has been entering notes on hidden staves.
For example, while trying to enter notes on flute 1 and oboe 1, I’m noticing that the 2nd flute and piccolo are getting notes added to them, and often with a completely wrong rhythm. (I only notice this when I then deactivate the staff filter and look at my whole orchestra)

is this an issue? or a me thing?

No, it’s definitely not just you and has been brought up before. If I recall correctly, it is on the radar.

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Yes – See this recent thread.

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You did a much better job describing the problem than I did in my thread. :laughing:

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