Issue with video offset


I have an issue with the video properties in Dorico 4.

I’m a composer for movies.

Movies are sent to me, at some point, by reels (a long feature being usually between 5 and 6 reels of 20ish minutes). Each reel has a TC which starts with the number of the reel. It’s Reel:Minutes:Seconds:Frames.

Production always leave a certain amount of time at the beginning of each reel, with various infos.

On my last work it was 4 seconds before the first image of each roll.

Which made reel 1 starting at 00:59:56:00 and the images of the movie starting at 01:00:00:00 for the reel 1. For reel 2 the clip starts at 01:59:56:00 and the images of the movie start at 02:00:00:00. Etc.

My first music in the film happens in reel 1 at TC 01:03:54:00.

On the video the production sent me I have on one channel all the sounds and dialogues of the movie, on the other the demo I made and for which I’m about to make the score - while listening to the demo I can check if everything is fine in the score, if the tempo is well mapped, etc.

If I enter 00:59:56:00 at Timecode start and 01:03:54:00 at Video start offset it dos not work. The beginning of my score indicates it is positioned at 02:03:50:00. I don’t understand why.

If I modify the Timecode start offset and write instead 00;03:54:00-which is not logical at all as it asks Dorico to start the video before the Timecode starts…-we get closer to a synchronization of the demo on the clip and the score, but this score starts now at 01:03:50:00.

The only way I found to make this synchronisation works is setting the Timecode start offset at 01:03:58:00.

Could anyone tell me what I do wrong?

Thanks a lot,


Probably better to post this issue on the Cubase forum unless you actually meant to do this work in Dorico.

@Derrek Oops! I forgot which forum I was in. I’ll move it. Thanks.