Issue with video window 8.3.20 will not exit full screen mode - trying to find a place to log this...

Hi there, sorry for posting here, I’ve been jumping around links on the Steinberg website trying to find somewhere to log a bug but keep getting a run around.

Would someone kindly post where to log bugs? I can see there’s an issue sub forum in Cubase but not one in Nuendo. I was struggling to locate a log bug link in My Nuendo or on the main website.

The issue I’ve found is loading a nuendo 8 session where I had it open with full screen video for post production on dual screen monitors. I have a video open on the top monitor (stacked above each other). Resolution of the upper monitor is smaller and thinner than the bottom monitor.

When I opened another project the full screen switched to the bottom monitor.

Problem Can’t Close Window!:
At this point, F8 hot key to open/close video did not work.
Double clicking the video did not respond.
Using right click and Exit Full Screen does not do anything - video will not close!

The video was still the size of the upper monitor so I could see the project window behind it on the right hand side of the monitor. However there was no way to close the video!! I had to shut down the whole system to get rid of this issue!